A bed should have clothes that fit. At TOILE we provide the expertise to assure proper fits; duvet inserts that fit duvet covers, bed skirt lengths that go right to the floor, duvets & coverlets that cover the mattress and drop properly to the box spring and last but not least sheets that fit deep mattresses.




You have decided to invest in the room that defines you the most, the one room that is solely for you. When you put that room together you want a finished product that looks like perfection. You do not want your duvet cover to fall awkwardly over the mattress or for your bedskirt to fall too short or too long. The solution? Measure twice, cut once...better yet, let TOILE measure for you. Rest assured knowing we are completely invested in making sure your linens are the perfect fit!

Our unique concierge add-on service is what sets TOILE apart and is the absolute best tool a designer can have! Give us a call 514-486-2424 or drop into the showroom to ask us about all the little ways we can make your project seamless and stress free! 

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