Are you still dreaming about the bed you slept in at the Ritz or the Four Seasons?

Their beds are known for giving guests their best night’s sleep ever! Why? It’s a combination of the essential elements of the perfect bed.

It all starts with the MATTRESS. A high quality, five star worthy, mattress has the following,

  • a solid core that will provide support and longevity
  • tightly spaced pocket coils to assure even weight distribution and motion separation
  • a top layer that contours to your body and aids in pressure relief
  • a tight knit, high quality finish, that is both breathable and silky soft

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Then comes a TOPPER to create a truly peaceful and luxe experience. The best toppers are a combo of organic latex, for support & breathability and organic wool for added comfort & temperature control. Used individually or together, these toppers can bring your mattress to a whole new level and even refresh your existing mattress.

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PILLOWS are the next integral piece of a perfect, five star bed - but not just any pillows! While some truly prefer a full down pillow, the most popular vote goes to a pillow with a concentrated feather core for proper neck support, surrounded in fluffy, light down for the snuggly feel you want.

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Let’s face it, is there anything better than a perfect DUVET? Five star duvets have,

  • high quality goose down
  • a high loft, a.k.a. pouf power
  • baffle or channel construction to make sure the down stays where it belongs
  • down proof 400TC+ shell
  • last but not least, ties in each corner to secure it in the duvet cover

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No-fuss, high quality SHEETS with just the right amount of detail helps finish off your dream bed. A few things to remember when looking for sheets,

  • there is more to life than thread count, a well made 400TC will feel superior to a compromised 800TC+
  • a simple hemstitch or appliqué can be all the decor you need
  • white and ivory is a perfect base and will outlast your changing decor styles

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So, the good news is that you can bring home the luxury and comfort of a five star hotel bed. The even better news? You can order it here at the simple click of a button!