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You can customize your bedding, towels, duvet & pillows but can you customize a mattress?

YES. Custom mattresses are available from specialized manufacturers. Not only can they be customized for comfort, they can also be adjusted to fit non-standardized bed frames and sofa beds.


Depending on your individual needs and preferences, you may require a firmer mattress but prefer a softer feel. Choose from multiple levels of firmness, add pillow tops for comfort or toppers for added customization.

Toppers can refresh an older mattress or add a personalized level of comfort to your sleep. Wool & latex toppers also help to regulate body temperature.


Custom sizing for a mattress is integral to good design. If you are fitting a sofa, trundle or murphy bed, you want to opt for a low profile latex or foam mattress. Depending on the style and sizing of a platform bed you may opt for an extra thick mattress or a low-profile boxspring.

Your mattress should be a number one concern, after all we spend much of our life on them & they directly link to the quality of our sleep. Spend time seeking the exact comfort levels that are right for you and take a second to measure twice, ensuring a mattress that fits like a glove.

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