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Linen Collection

Linen lovers rejoice! The end of summer doesn't mean the end of linen on your bed! Browse our favourite pieces that blend the natural légère of linen with rich velvets, furs & wool. Linen is here to stay!

Can't find what you are looking for? Some of our more custom items can be viewed in store or by email.

Housse de Duvet & Caches Oreiller 'Terra' de Matouk from $129.00
Housse de Duvet 'Louie' de Area Home from $215.00
Housse de Duvet & Oreillers 'Mondovi' de Revelle from $119.00
​Housse de Couette et Cache-oreillers en Lin from $32.00
Nappe de Table 'Maison' de Linen Way $137.00
​Nappe Naturel et blanche 'Serenite' de Linen Way from $145.00