A great bedroom design is not only gorgeous and functional, but includes all the elements required for a good night's sleep! Let's start with the basis of any decent sleep...the mattress.

While the latest trend is a "one size fits all" mattress in a box, after 20 years in the business we can safely say that a truly sound sleep requires a mattress that is perfectly suited to your client's individual needs. 

True, bedding textiles might get the short end of the stick when it comes to budget, however the mattresses are an area both client & designer can agree on. A high quality mattress should last your client a minimum of 10 years. That's an investment worth considering.

SO, do you send your client to the local mattress retailer (or even worse, accompany them) where they will be met with far too many options, inflated retail pricing and a sales team who work for commissions?

We've got a better option! We've curated a line of hospitality mattresses found in the best of the 5* hotels, such as the Ritz Carleton, 4 Seasons, etc. Here are the benefits,

- Everyone appreciates a 5* sleep. Even local Montréal designers Blazys & Gérard. We asked them how they are liking their mattress, and we couldn't have gotten a better answer,

"OMG! We are absolutely loving it, sooooo comfortable."

- Your client can come try our best seller at their own pace, in the comfort of our showroom. Based on their personal preferences, we will guide them towards the best option - for them - from one of three models.

- You can come too - catch up on the latest products, enjoy a coffee and see how we work to close the gap between selection and installation.

- These mattresses cannot be found at the retail stores.

- As we carry the hospitality line, we offer hospitality pricing. Ultimate luxury Queen model for under $1500.

- Our carefully selected delivery team will coordinate with your time line, with options for consolidation on large projects.

- White glove services available on large projects.

Our full line up of hospitality mattresses are found here.


In addition to our hospitality line up (made right here in Montréal), we also offer a line of Natural (natural ingredients - we've checked - without the Organic price tag) mattresses from a Québec supplier that can customize the components & sizing to your personal design or client needs. These are also a fantastic option for the spare bedrooms, sofa beds & other custom beds.

Visit the showroom for more information and to try our display bed!


Who doesn't want to achieve the best restorative sleep possible? For your client's well being and your own, here are a few things to consider when shopping for the perfect mattress,

- Latex and wool are natural temperature regulators. Mattresses that are made with these natural fibres aid in establishing a comfortable night's sleep. 

- You won't be rolling off the bed anytime soon. Hospitality mattresses have reinforced edges, as guests have the tendency of sitting on the edge of the bed. 

- Choosing a tight top mattress provides the support you need, especially for those who suffer from spine related pain. Adding a latex or wool topper is an ideal way to achieve your unique preference of comfort.

- Protective mattress pads & pillow protectors are a must! They provide a protective layer against spills, perspiration, etc, they add a degree of comfort, and they are easily washed, eliminating harmful allergens.

Stay tuned for our next blog, ALL THE ELEMENTS - UPHOLSTERED BEDS. Until then, we would love to welcome you to our showroom. Our mission is working to serve each designer in the way that suits them best. We like to start by sharing a coffee and learning about you!






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