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Millennial Pink - Not Just For Little Girls Rooms

It's safe to say that the most popular trend of the season is - Millennial Pink! While pink might not be for everyone, Millennial Pink is not limited to any one hue. Depending on where you are looking you can find the perfect Millennial Pink to suit any preference or decor. 

Highlights from Paris - New Bedding, Bath & Table from Maison & Objet 2017

Browse the latest in home linens, fresh from Maison & Objet in Paris, France. Some of these styles will soon be available on line and you can see them in greater detail at the showroom!

New Designer Home Linens, Fresh From the 2017 Fall Trade Shows!

Ingrid has been at it again, hopping from trade show to trade show to bring you the latest in designer home linens. Here are a few of her new favourite pieces from Toronto and New York. Stay tuned later this fall for more great finds, when she returns from the European shows.

The "Empty Nest" Update - How to Adapt When the Kids Leave for College

As kids go back to school and off to college, mixed emotions and long to-do lists can be all consuming. A great way to help begin this new chapter of your life and to offer some distraction from the overwhelming emotions, is to update and rearrange your home to suit your personal needs.

Invest In Yourself! Investing In Your Bed - What You Want to Know & What You Need to Know

5 Bedding Must Haves for a Luxurious Feel

Ever wonder what it takes to get a perfect, dreamy luxurious bed?

Do It Up For Dad - Father's Day!

I think that as a majority moms really luck out with Mother's Day. The morning is curried with sweet little tokens of love & affection and if we are lucky, our "Mommy Morning" turns into an all day we-love-mummy event! But what about the dads?

Do Men Count In Bed - Count Threads?

Do men count in bed...count thread count, that is? Men take a lot of slack, in general, when it comes to their appreciation for the finer things in life. High quality linens are no exception.