Millennial Pink - Not Just For Little Girls Rooms

Millennial Pink - Not Just For Little Girls Rooms

It's safe to say that the most popular trend of the season is - Millennial Pink!

While pink might not be for everyone, Millennial Pink is not limited to any one hue. It can be dusty rose, coral-like, off-white, pale clay coloured and so on. Depending on where you are looking you can find the perfect Millennial Pink to suit any preference or decor. 

It's said that millennials are drawn to a blend of mid-century and modern design. Maybe that's the reason Millennial Pink is so popular. The earthy palates of pink pair perfectly with teak wood, neutral walls & heavier textiles. It adds a gentle light aspect in contrast to the darker, heavier components.

Reluctant? You don't have to dive head first into the colour. Start small, integrate a few small accessories to your room. Try a throw or deco pillow and go from there. Take it a step further, infusing the colour into your room with a duvet cover or coverlet. If you can't get enough of Millennial Pink, commit with a velvet upholstered bed.

While trends come and go, it looks as though Millennial Pink will have a good run. Here are our favourite MP home linens of the season!


An ombre, linen duvet cover that brings in a subtle dose of Millennial Pink, blending softly with ivory and natural. More duvet covers here.


PERLA by Area

An extra-fine cotton sateen has been dyed and washed for a lived-in, relaxed style, and is very, very soft. Available here.

NIA by Sferra

The Nia throw is crafted from a special—and wonderfully soft—blend of yarns spun with luxurious Cashmere, Merino wool, and silk fibers to create a lushly beautiful drape. Discover more throws here.


Belfast 42J6591 and Jasper 42J5561 are perfect fabrics for an upholstered bed. Contact our showroom for more information on customizing your bed.


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